Delta Media Studios

Our Studios

Delta owns various studios in Saudi Arabia and all over the world.

Riyadh Studio:

Our studio in Riyadh is located near King Fahd International stadium. Studio space exceeds 700 square meters and is characterized by:

  • Graphic equipments.
  • Technical staff.
  • Editing units.
  • Administrative offices
  • Cameras with HD technology
  • Obi van for TV transmission.
  • Equipments for live satellite transmission.
  • Supporting services: Rest area, meeting room, buffet…

Cairo office for news services:
  • Consist of 3 studios overlooking Nile. Studio space exceeds 400 square meters. Also, control room and 4 editing units.
  • The office contains a special division for satellite reservation and a team specialized for reservation and coordination between Cairo studio and our studios worldwide.
  • The office is also equipped by news room connected with our other offices through our network of correspondents and photographers.

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Welcome to Delta Media Official Website ::: Our services: • Producing documentary programs and films. • Producing Educational and awareness programs. • Producing TV and Radio series. • Acting as an executive producer for TV channels. • Offering news services to different channels through our studios. • Securing technical staff for special projects such as operating studios, channels, and different transmission stations. • Recruiting and training TV and Radio presenters to keep them abreast with the latest in the media world. • Offering all technical consultancies for operating studios. • Offering our media, programming, and production consultancies to governmental agencies and private sector. • Leasing our studio in Riyadh.