About Delta Media TV

About Us

  • Delta Media is a Saudi company and is part of Delta Holding group of companies. Delta Holding is a diversified-investment Group of companies.
  • Through its network of offices worldwide, Delta Media delivers media services to government bodies and private sector companies.
  • Throughout more than 15 years of effort, Delta has managed to upgrade the media scene in the Middle East and Arab Gulf. The fruitful cooperation with Saudi Broadcasting Commission – previously called Ministry of Media and Culture; with Egyptian Media Production City; Voice of Cairo for Audio and Video; and Arab Company for Media Production has yielded success stories for us and our partners as well.
  • In 2011 Delta has signed an agreement with Saudi TV whereby it delivered the news services the six channels of Saudi TV. Such a project has helped Delta offer its wide range of news services to Saudi channels through the network of more than 75 countries, more than 160 correspondents, more than 400 photographers, voice technicians, and editors.